Reaching first 100 followers on Dev

Reaching first 100 followers on Dev

Thanks everyone for supporting my journey

First of all, thanks to the Dev community for giving feedback on my posts and appreciating my content.

How it started

I always had a thing for writing. I had been writing Medium blogs about my travel for some time now. It brings me joy to share and express myself through words.

During my college, I made a YouTube channel and posted tutorials about CPU simulators & assembly programming. It made me realize that I love to teach. Last December, when I checked, my channel reached 300 subscribers, and I thought, let's continue doing what I like.

I thought this year let me start contributing to the Dev Community and resume making YouTube videos. So during this New Year's long weekend, I re-branded my YouTube channel and created a Dev account.

I've posted two articles on Dev and received more than 2k views with 150+ reactions and gained 100+ followers.

Where it's headed

I've been a developer for four years now. Although I have a CS degree, I consider myself a self-taught engineer. I've grown so much in my career that at the age of 22, I'm an Eng. manager with five direct reports. I feel my experience will be a lot helpful for the community.

I plan to continue writing and making videos at least once per week. It would be an achievement to keep this going for a year.


  1. Improve my writing and speaking skills.
  2. Create content that I can be proud of
  3. Deliver one Dev post and a YouTube video per week.
  4. Earn the 4/8/16 week streak badges from Dev.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Should you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to put them in the comments below. I would love to hear and work on them.

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